SHINER Number One is a comics anthology featuring three short stories by John G, Kevin Fagan, and George McDougall. We’ve been working on this for what seems like a really long time, and we’re pretty proud of how this first issue came out.

Here’s a preview of some of the pages:

Page one of On Down The Timeline, by John G:

Page one of People of Earth, by George McDougall:

Page four from Kevin Fagan’s The Importance of Being Oblivious:

It’s 20 full sized pages of black and white comics with a full color cover. It’s available RIGHT NOW at ASTOUND! in Westlake, Ohio. I’ll post another update when I get the issue in some other stores.

For mail order it’s $3 plus $2 shipping and handling. You can order by sending $5 via paypal to jgritty at gmail dot com.

For those uninterested in paying over the information super highway, you can send a check or money order for $5 (or five bucks) to:
John Greiner
373 Lear #52
Avon lake, OH

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